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One to One

This is usually for children that need individual attention to gain confidence before joining a class. We are currently also offering it to others who need further peace of mind.

Intake Open: Spring 2021 - Choose Class
Ability Level:

One to one lessons will be available for this coming term in Spring.

Spaces would usually be kept specifically for children with developmental delays or behavioural issues that would hinder them in a class setting. Rob’s Swim School is fully inclusive and the aim is to eventually integrate all children in an appropriate class, as soon as possible. These lessons would ideally be for children who need arm bands / vest / noodle / support to swim and cannot swim independently for 4 metres.

As in the Turtles class, at this stage, your little one will start to learn the core aquatic skills through focusing on developing the FUNdamental movement skills with an ongoing emphasis on safety and enjoyment for the sport.

Lesson Locations

Lessons are held at:

  • YUE Healthier Living, Aquatics Centre, Labour Avenue, Naxxar

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Class Schedule for Spring 2021

Please select a preferred day of week and time.

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Spring Intake 2021 – There will be lessons available for the coming term.

Spring Intake 2021 – Schedule

  • Spring Course 2021 starting week of Monday 12th April 2021.
  • The course will be of 10 lessons of 30 minutes each. The cost is €200 per child.

Class Checklist

Equipment needed:

  • swimming costume
  • swimming cap
  • pool shoes (flip flops/crocs /karkur)
  • 2 towels
  • armbands / vest – if usually used
  • noodle – provided by the school

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Notice: Spring 2021 Bookings Now Open!

Why Rob's Swim School?

25+ Years Teaching Swimming

Roberta’s love for teaching swimming started when at the age of 14, she used to assist swimming lessons at her club and at 16, used to teach at the Amateur Swimming Association Swimming School. She worked for several years in the MFA Swimming School and in a few other swimming schools. In 2007, an opportunity came up and she started organising her own lessons. In 2008, she attended a course in the UK to acquire her ASA Level 1 Certificate in teaching Aquatics. It was then that Roberta felt the importance of having a structure in her swimming school.

She introduced several classes at different levels including an assessment sheet at the end of each term, for the child and parent to be able to follow the progress of their child. In 2010, she furthered her studies and obtained the ASA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics. Roberta is one of the few persons in Malta holding this qualification. In 2015, she continued to study further when achieving her ASA Level 2 Award in Coaching Aquatic Pre-Fundamentals, to be able to also teach children as young as 6 months. She also achieved the National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches, specialising in Infant Life Support.