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Frequently Asked Questions

This section will aim to answer some of the most common questions asked to Rob’s Swim School.

Q. Where are the swimming lessons held?

All lessons will be held at YUE Healthier Living in Naxxar.

Q. What are the dates of the Summer Course 2024?

  • Summer Course 2024 starting week of Monday 8th July 2024.
  • The course is of  8 lessons of 40 minutes each. The cost is €112 per child.
  • There will be no lessons between 2nd August and 18th August. 
  • There will be no Assessments or Certificates during the Summer Term.
  • Last lesson will be held during the week of Monday 9th September 2024. 

Q. What are the dates of the Autumn Course 2024?

  • Autumn Course 2024 starting week of Monday 30th September 2024.
  • Lessons on the Friday 13th December 2024 will be held in the morning as follows: 2:30 pm @8:30 am, 3:15 pm @ 9:15 am, 4 pm @10 am, 4:45 pm @ 10:45 am, 5:30 pm @ 11:30 am & 6:15 pm @ 12:15 pm.
  • There will be no lessons, on the following days, both dates included: Monday 28th October to Saturday 2nd November 2024.
  • Assessment lessons will be held over 2 weeks, during the weeks starting Monday 18th November and Monday 25th November 2024.
  • Last lesson will be held during the week of Monday 9th December 2024. 

Q. What is the schedule of lessons for the Autumn Course 2024?

  • Turtles & Seals – Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays  – 2:30 pm, 3:15 pm, 4 pm, 4:45 pm, 5:30 pm
  • Turtles & Seals – Tuesdays & Thursdays – 2:30 pm, 4 pm, 4:45 pm, 5:30 pm
  • Turtles & Seals – Saturdays – 8:30 am, 9:15 am, 10 am, 10:45 am, 11:30 am, 12:15 pm
  • Sharks –  Tuesdays & Thursdays – 3:15 pm, 6:15 pm, Fridays 6:15 pm.
  • Dolphins –  Mondays 6:15 pm.

Q. What happens if my child is in quarantine?

Rob’s Swim School will not be able to replace or refund the lessons missed. If your child is in mandatory quarantine, you no longer need to provide Rob’s Swim School with a recent ‘not detected’ Covid test result. However, please test if you or your child are feeling any symptoms.

Q. What is the fee for the lessons?

The fee for Summer 2024 will be €112 for 8 lessons of 40 minutes each.

The fee for Autumn 2024 will be €140 for 10 lessons of 40 minutes each.

There will be no siblings discount.

Q. Will the children be allowed to use shower facilities after their lessons?

YUE Complex showers and changing areas are open. Children are not allowed to be changed in the corridor. They need to either come ready for lesson or changing rooms are to be used. This will avoid over crowding in the corridor area.

Q. What is expected of Rob’s Swim School clients?

1. Arrive to class at the stipulated time. If you arrive early, you must wait in the car or have a coffee at YUE Bistro!
2. Your child should, as far as possible, come to the pool ready dressed. Ideally, they should be ‘beach ready’ with swimming costumes and caps on and a toweling robe and clean pool shoes. No shoes worn outside will be allowed to be used on the poolside.
3. Changing rooms and showers are available. Toilet facilities will be available. No changing is allowed in the toilet area or in the corridor.
4. Parent / responsible adult of children at Seal / Shark / Dolphins levels are not permitted by the poolside during the lesson. You may watch from the viewing area or have a coffee break at YUE Bistro. You will not be allowed to watch from the reception area. You will be allowed to enter the reception area in the last few minutes. The child may only be accompanied at the pool complex by 1 adult.
5. Avoid bringing anything with you that is not needed. Parents or responsible adult should keep all belongings.
6. Once you get to the pool reception area, you need to wait for one of us to tell the children to come in.
7. DO NOT attend the lesson if you or your child has any symptoms of COVID-19 or been in contact with someone who has been unwell or awaiting a result for a Covid test.
8. You or you child will not be allowed to attend lesson if any symptoms are noted.

Q. What equipment would my child need?

Swimmers will need appropriate swimwear – a swimming cap for all classes, clear lens goggles for Seals, Sharks and Dolphins. Fins for the Dolphins.

Q. What age should my child start lessons?

Our swim lessons are available for children 3 years and older.

Q. Are parents/guardians expected to swim with the children?

No, our lessons are held without a parent in the water. There will be adequate supervision by the teachers.

Q. What is your instructor ratio?

At this time, we have a maximum of 5 children per instructor at Turtles level. At the Seals level, 6 children per instructor.

In the Sharks and Dolphins class, there is a ratio of 10/14 children to 1/2 teacher, in 1/2 lanes.

Q. How long does each lesson last?

Our lessons are 40 minutes long. There will be 5 minutes between each lesson, to allow for preparation of equipment.

Q. What will happen if lessons are stopped due to Covid-19 or any other extraordinary circumstances?

If the Health Authorities enforce our school to close, then we will obviously follow the guidelines. There will be no refund given in this case. The lessons will either be replaced or the credit will be used for future courses, depending on the circumstances.

Q. What training do your instructors have?

Our instructors have completed the Level 1 ASA Teaching Aquatics UK. This is the recognised course accepted by the ASA of Malta.

Q. How will I know if my child is ready to move up a level?

Every term a congratulatory certificate is given at the end of each term. You will also receive an assessment sheet of the outcomes that have been covered during the term. In order for your child to move up a level, he/she needs to have obtained all outcomes and the Head Teacher agrees that the progression is beneficial to the child.

Q. What if my child is not progressing?

We always aim to challenge children and continually make progress when possible. However, progress may not always be continuous. It can come in spurts and children will occasionally plateau in their learning. Sometimes, they may even appear to regress. It is not uncommon for some skills to take a while to master, particularly if the child is learning a new or difficult skill or combining multiple skills together. Being patient and trusting the process is important, but if there are specific concerns, they can be addressed with Roberta Stellini as Head Teacher. It is also important to remember that children are accomplishing something by maintaining their existing skills. Many younger children will regress if lessons and regular practice are not continuous or stop for more than a few weeks.

Q. How will I know what level my child will go in to?

When you apply to the swim school there are a range of descriptors to help you in the choice. You will then place your child in the most appropriate level based on the information you’ve provided. If you have a doubt, book your child into a level that is definitely attainable based on their previous experiences so that they can be comfortable, and then Roberta will upgrade them from there once they have settled in and have shown that they are ready for more challenges.

Q. Do you offer replacements or refunds for missed lessons?

We understand that children are unwell or unforeseen circumstances arise which result in missed lessons. If you have notified us by 10am of your absence on the day of your lesson, we will try our best to offer a replacement lesson. Replacement lessons are subject to availability if another child is absent from their lesson, as the child to teacher ratio cannot be surpassed. Replacement lessons may only be given within the same term. We do not refund missed lessons for any reason. We do not give credit for missed lessons for any reason.

Q. How do I enrol? When can I start?

To enrol in lessons before the start of the course, you need to book directly through the website. The payment needs to be received within 7 days of booking made and prior to the first lesson commencing. If the course has started, contact us via the contact form on the homepage, via the live chat on the site or send an email to or phone us on 00356 99824523.

Q. How can i book my child in for the next course?

If the bookings are not currently open, you need to fill in our Contact Form. and mark that you would like to receive information about new future courses and intakes via email. In this manner you will join our database and you will be sent an email when bookings are open. Clients the previous term and of Giggle ‘N’ Splash will have priority booking.

Q. Can I change my day or time?

Contact us and we will try our best to help you move from your regular lesson time to a more convenient lesson time that is appropriate for the student. Please be aware that requested availabilities may be limited due to other bookings.

Q. How often do I need to pay?

Booking and payment need to be made prior to each term. Kindly note that you need to book prior to the start of every term for your child to have a place.

Q. How do I pay for lessons?

Payment for courses need be made within 7 days of booking. The booking will be automatically cancelled if payment is not made. Your child’s place shall only be guaranteed upon receipt of payment. Payment details will be given once you have filled in the registration form.

Q. What is the temperature of the pool?

The pool is heated consistently between 26 – 28 degrees Celsius, subject to extraordinary circumstances.

Q. Do you use flotation aids?

We do use and provide some aids, such as noodles and kick boards but we don’t provide arm bands or vests. Should your child usually use these aids, you need to bring your own. They are usually not used after a few lessons.

Q. What do I need to bring to lessons?

Please bring; appropriate swimwear, preferably a full swimsuit for girls, and trunks or tight shorts for boys, a swimming cap, clean pool shoes (karkur, flip flops, crocs) 1 towel per child, clear lens goggles for Seals, Sharks and Dolphins. Fins/flippers for Dolphins.

As much as possible, your child needs to come to the lesson ‘beach ready’. This means with swimming costume on and a toweling robe or towel.

Q. Do you use goggles?

We do not use goggles at Turtles level. We start using them at Seals level. We have goggle free time every lesson to ensure that children are able to swim without this aid. Our older swimmers Sharks and Dolphins, who are doing laps of the pool will wear goggles on a more regular basis.

Q. Will you be running Synchronised Swimming Lessons?

We are no longer running these lessons.

Q. Will you be running One to One Swimming Lessons?

We are no longer running One to One lessons. We recommend that you contact YUE directly, as they offer this service.

Q. How can I contact Rob’s Swim School?

Rob’s Swim School welcomes your feedback and suggestions for improvement to our services, or to discuss any issues you have about your child’s swimming. You can get in touch with us in person (however, to avoid disruption to lessons, please do this before or after, rather than during, a lesson); by chatting with us via our live chat on our website; emailing us at or by calling 00356 99824523. If there is no reply please send a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Why Rob's Swim School?

30+ Years Teaching Swimming

Roberta’s love for teaching swimming started when at the age of 14, she used to assist swimming lessons at her club and at 16, used to teach at the Amateur Swimming Association Swimming School. She worked for several years in the MFA Swimming School and in a few other swimming schools. In 2007, an opportunity came up and she started organising her own lessons. In 2008, she attended a course in the UK to acquire her ASA Level 1 Certificate in teaching Aquatics. It was then that Roberta felt the importance of having a structure in her swimming school.

She introduced several classes at different levels including an assessment sheet at the end of each term, for the child and parent to be able to follow the progress of their child. In 2010, she furthered her studies and obtained the ASA Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Aquatics. Roberta is one of the few persons in Malta holding this qualification. In 2015, she continued to study further when achieving her ASA Level 2 Award in Coaching Aquatic Pre-Fundamentals, to be able to also teach children as young as 6 months. She also achieved the STA International Lifesaving Certificate for Swimming Teachers.